Karma and the Law of Attraction

What do you think of “The Law of Attraction” and The Secret?

It is an amazing sign of our transforming times that “The Secret” has exploded to the extent that it has in pop culture. Millions have watched the DVD and/or read the book, and are enthusiastically experimenting with what has primarily floated my adult creative life – the power to energetically manifest dreams.

The Law of Attraction basically says “like attracts like”. What we think, how we feel, and most importantly, what we believe in our heart of hearts to be true is what we create and what we become. The secret to success, says the law of attraction, lies in our developed power to daydream with our fully unleashed imaginative capacity – and even more importantly, to unconditionally, completely believe it.

Create Your Vision

We envision, we fully experience, and we see ourselves in the present enjoying our vision, which profoundly signals the universe to exactly manifest it in truly miraculous ways. We allow – we appreciate = as the matrix to create. So it is.

Can we recover personal power, self-esteem, creative and intuitive insight, foundational motivation, and general chutzpah to “get going” and achieve our goals through this practice? You bet your life we can. Is that all there is to manifesting?

The Law of Attraction Does Not Exist in a Spiritual Vacuum

The answer to that question is, not exactly. The law of attraction does not exist in a spiritual vacuum. That is impossible. It exists instead as a part of the divine universe – harmoniously with the law of action and its corresponding consequences, also called the law of karma.

The Law of Karma

All actions bring consequences, which I believe keep us rightly anchored to an endless present, and therefore free to be able to respond – the break-up, reversed, of the word “responsible”. I don’t think this is an accident. It is how healing and development works on the physical plane through countless lifetimes.

Our Prime Spiritual Directive

It is our prime spiritual directive for being here. How can karma support and rightly integrate with the law of attraction? We consciously determine what our souls choose before incarnations as our primary directives for healing and development. This allows us to reconsider our heartfelt dreams in light of this natural call to evolve.

Spiritually speaking, we evolve through healing and experience. They are meant to partner with each other to produce the higher level of being that is development.

Creating from the Center

We are endlessly creative beings who can only create from a center. How is it, then, to create from a prime center of healing and evolution through our soul’s directive?

Consider the following:

*How the spiritual universe operates through the integrative, multidimensional laws of action and consequences, and the law of attraction
*How to determine at current stages of development your primary spiritual
directive for self-healing and evolution
*How to link your primary spiritual directive to your currently unfolding heartfelt dreams
*How to experience simultaneous healing and freedom to create in your life
*How to gain greater clarity on your present healing challenges to be able to allow, appreciate and release for even greater possibilities to create your dreams

The Trinity of Enlightened Consciousness

The trinity of enlightened consciousness reveals and builds will, vision and being. “Karma and the Law of Attraction” develops this trinity in all its transformational power to heal what stops us from creating, and develop to better serve ourselves and the world we live in.  Then we can wonderfully explore the furthest reaches of our own rising awareness.