Get a Good Night’s Sleep



Guided meditations can help ease you into sleep

Quit tossing and turning and losing sleep night after night! Through this wonderful guided meditation hypnosis audio you will be brought to a state of deep relaxation, where you will easily release the stresses of the day and drift off into a full, restful night’s sleep. You’ll awaken refreshed, recharged and able to be clear, focused and present in a new day.

Through regular, uninterrupted listening you will enter into a deep hypnotic trance, where your subconscious will fully open to receive the key suggestions to let go the events of the day. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Research confirms when we are fully hypnotized, our body systems clear and recharge; and we experience body-mind harmony and integration.

Lack of sleep is the most significant factor in anxiety, depression and illness. This audio restores your power to create, night after night, a complete and fulfilling sleep time for yourself.

The audio begins with simple suggestions to deeply relax. It then continues and further opens your subconscious, allowing you to form your own key images to ease into restful sleep, partnering creatively and beautifully with the simple suggestions offered. This is powerful therapeutic and energy medicine that shifts your state of mind at a core level.

Author Biography

Marjorie Baker Price, RN, Psychiatric Nurse Clinician III, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Medium and Reiki Master, founded Centering Tools for Self-Healing and Development in 1987. Centering Tools is an integrative holistic counseling, recovery, spiritual development and empowerment coaching practice that, in addition to working with individuals, includes workshop and training sessions.

Through all of Marjorie’s services, groups, and the many guided meditation/hypnosis audios and courses she’s created, she includes her vast knowledge in the areas of recovery, stress management, energetic healing, shamanic practice, spirituality, Reiki, hypnosis, centering and lifestyle balancing.

Her primary focus is to facilitate and support people developing themselves to be their own best resource in all aspects of their life. Marjorie uniquely creates simple but powerful self-care, self-healing, and empowerment exercises that become key sources of personal power, wellness, transformation and achievement.


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