Clearing Blockages


This is a 24-min guided meditation hypnosis audio CD dealing with emotional or trauma blockage.


Hypnosis to help you identify and root out potential causes to blockage, repression, and/or traumas

Do you feel blocked despite your best efforts to get ahead in your life, fearful that you can never get past what keeps you from what you know is your greater good, and desperate to get out of the box where you feel trapped in repeat circles of experiencing exactly what you don’t want in your life?

Does it seem you hopelessly struggle to achieve loving relationships and a true sense of wellness and peace? This breakthrough relaxation and guided meditation/hypnosis audio centrally clears and lifts you beyond whatever is really blocking you, to experience spiritual protection and body-mind healing. You will recover your fully empowered self.

Blockage can often signify that emotions are being repressed; or that awareness of your emotional or spiritual state is not readily accessible or sensible to you. This guided meditation CD will try to help you deal with the emotional baggage, or ‘blockages’, in your life (both past and present). Emotional blockage can not only feel alienating to the individual suffering it, but can also make chronic stress more prevalent. When an individual is repressed, it’s important that the blockage is ‘removed’ via identifying the cause. This guided meditation hypnosis audio can help represent a first step in reclaiming the emotional freedom and bravery that’s required to come to a place of acceptance and recovery.



“I wanted to take a moment and thank you again for the best guided meditation I’ve ever experienced! Your presentation, your guidance, wit, and knowledge were thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. Thank you so very much for sharing this gift.”

-Karen Armstrong


“…we explored energy blockages related to my family sisters’ death and the changes’ it brought about in me and my birth family. In these sessions I was nurtured, supported but also challenged to confront some of my behaviors and outcomes. It was done in a way that confronted some of my fears but each time I left after a session, I knew that I had opened and confronted some tough issues I felt like I was releasing the blockages, lightening my load.”

-Barbara Blue

Author Bio

Marjorie Baker Price is a community health and psychiatric nurse clinician with an extensive background in behavioral and recovery therapies, crisis intervention and wellness practices. In 1987 she founded Centering Tools, her own counseling, coaching and holistic practice, which offers a transformational, uniquely integrative approach to wellness, self-healing, achievement and unleashing creative potential. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Level III Reiki Master who is a spiritual/intuitive coach, shamanic healer, group facilitator, author, speaker and trainer. She specializes in regression, relaxation, journaling, and intuitive development practices.

Marjorie has been exploring inner awareness and intuitive/creative development and energetic healing practices all her life. She was doing shamanic journeying at age 5, as well as communicating with relatives who had passed on and spiritual guides. She has authored and successfully self-published a series of 26 guided meditation and hypnosis audios including such titles as Freedom from Addictive Relationships, Peak Performance: Being Your Own Best Self and Accepting and Loving Yourself, which have been well-reviewed.

Other authored products include two self-study courses on self-healing and creating success through intuitive and spiritual development, and an acclaimed children’s fable for empowerment. Marjorie’s mesmerizing voice, gentle presence and insightful delivery continue to draw rave reviews from the thousands she has helped to become whole and productive in their lives.

Her easy, caring style invites listeners to find their own loving and powerful inner “centers”, and then heal and transform their lives. The Book Reader says, “Price’s images are valuable, she chants in a resonant voice age-old truths . . . her voice creates ripples of possibility.”

Marjorie’s primary message is: “There are no gurus and ‘experts’ that begin to equal our own innate potential to discover our great capacity to love, evolve and create for ourselves and each other; and thus become a true healing force in the world”.



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