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This guided meditation journey will assist in coping with attentional difficulties such as deficits in attentional shift, or problems with executive functioning and hyperfocusing on irrelevant stimuli.

Better cope and creatively transcend learning disabilities through this powerful guided meditation hypnosis audio to integrate and better balance mental function, and heal stress and emotional trauma associated with struggling.  All learning disabilities involve a “scattering” effect which challenges perceptual capacity.  Centering offers the key to focus, which in turn support restoring whole function.


I highly recommend Marjorie’s work and her practice Centering Tools…her professional skills and unique insights have contributed immeasurably to my own personal growth as well as the growth and self-understanding of others. –Wendy Burwell

There are many audios on meditation, visualization, contemplation . . .Price is a Registered Nurse and a hypnotherapist with wide background in health care and creative writing … She speaks well. Her voice creates ripples of possibility . . . very superior audios –From the Book Reader – Americas Most Independent Review of New Books

I was nurtured, supported but also challenged to confront some of my behaviors and outcomes. It was done in a way that confronted some of my fears but each time I left after a session, I knew that I had opened and confronted some tough issues I felt like I was releasing the blockages, lightening my load. She would do her energetic healing work as well as the mental health aspect of the issues, on a multitude of levels. Giving me homework to follow up on by meditating on my own and then journaling about my experiences. –Barbara Blue, RN


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Marjorie Baker Price is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Community Health Nurse, Psychiatric Nurse Clinician Level III, and Reiki Master. She is nationally known as the creator of Centering Tools for Self-Healing and Empowerment. Marjorie offers self-help, stress management, recovery, and guided meditation audios, books, sessions and workshops to rave reviews. She teaches people how to identify and release blockages, empower and heal themselves, and achieve their goals.

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