How to Heal Hopelessness

The Real Dangers of Prolonged Hopelessness

It is the real core killer.  It opens the door to addiction and perpetuates it.  Hopelessness-quote1

It sacrifices and separates us from our spirit.  Without hope we are truly at risk to not long survive.

What Is It, Really?

Hopelessness is simply a feeling, a signal, and a sensation, and it occurs for authentic reasons.  It is also a core part of the fourth stage of grief; and comes in its time, in its way, to challenge us to critically effect healing.

Like all feelings, hopelessness is fundamentally a wave that knows how to move “in and out” as it surfaces to express itself and deliver its key messages.  When it is blocked and judged and denied, it “sticks” – and dysfunction and dis-ease inevitably occur.

The Power of Self-Care to Recover Your Authentic Spirit and Hope

When we feel hopeless we are always facing a spiritual disconnect.  When we connect to our own authentic sense of our own free spirit, we recover core self-integration and profound support – our most important ally to accept, process and fully resolve hopelessness. 

Here, then, are ten essential self-care practices to clear and sustain your own free spirit and treat, even prevent, hopelessness:

Ten Paths to Self-Healing and Transformation

1.  Commit no matter what to admit to yourself any feelings of powerlessness – and over what – step one of all addictions recovery programs.

2.  Don’t lie to yourself or others.

3.  Take good care of yourself, accepting responsibility to meet your core needs.

4.  Know the signs of feeling innately balanced and out of balance; and how to regain balance as simply and effectively as possible.

5.  Feel and be free to the fullest possible extent.

6.  Admit any sensations of feeling like a victim, and commit to doing whatever it takes to truly regain empowerment.

7.  Ask for help and be willing to accept it without condition; accepting as well your own ongoing responsibility over yourself and your life.

8.  Nurture and practice ongoing your real power to envision a better life as your inalienable right.

9.  Know many things, especially seemingly “little things” that feed your spirit, and make experiencing these part of your daily life as true “spiritual medicine”.

10. Seek to recover your power to trust yourself – as this occurs, your recover hope and your central connection to your free, authentic spirit and power to transform. 

And Now…the World…

We live in a world rife with hopelessness.  When we regain hope we regain wellbeing and our divine right to offer our recovery as a light of hope to a desperate, dangerous, hungry world.

I saw the movie Selma last week and viewed it as a rekindling story about hope in a hole of hopelessness and violation.  We can be our own, as well as others’, grassroots support and courageously inspire everyone to experience healing outcomes in our critically challenging and most breaking times – which perhaps, offer the best and most significantly affecting outcomes.

In love and light, Marjorie

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  1. These Ten Paths are so amazing. Asking for help can be easy, but it’s harder to accept it without conditions is harder. We often have to put a price of some sort to the help given to us because we feel we do not deserve it or we are in a way cheating on a learning opportunity. Still, it is something that should be considered if one is to look for ways to transform oneself to be better and more empowered.

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