How to Transform What is Holding You Down Into What Keeps You Going Forward

Know Your Real Source of Abundance and Security

The magical word to achieve this switch is very old – its called alchemy.  When we come to understand what is really holding us down and back we are fundamentally challenged to transform it into its opposite – that which lifts us up and thrust us greatly forward.

In the Middle Ages alchemists, as they were called, were expected by kings to turn lead into gold.  Lead has properties that block and can be toxic to us.  Gold is our source of abundance and security – it sustains and prospers us – we value it above all else.

Where is the Lead in Your Life?  The Gold?

What do you feel in your heart of hearts is holding you down?  What do you feel in your heart of hearts is holding you back?

I have a meditative and journaling exercise for you to try to know what is lead in your life, and be able to transmute it into what is gold.  So  settle back into a comfortable, relaxed, supported position and close your eyes.

Ask Your Heart to Tell You What is Holding It Down

Take several deep, easy breaths.  As you continue to breathe, when you inhale say the word receive to yourself and when you exhale say the word release to yourself.  Imagine with the breaths you continue to take, you begin to easily , naturally change into your free, whole spirit, which envelops you and lifts you higher and higher.

Imagine your breath easily and naturally draws you into your heart.  Imagine as this occurs you can ask your heart to tell you what is holding it down; what is keeping it from moving forward.

The Opposite is the Path to Transform

Record whatever comes up by way of response.  How do you feel in this experience of inner connection?

Then open your eyes and look at what you have written about your heart’s message to you as to what is holding it down and keeping it from freely and openly moving forward.  On a separate page, write down the exact opposite.

Your Alchemy Happens When You Open to Your Flowing Spirit

This is your alchemy – your opening to your spirit, which can lead you to being able to transform what is holding you down into what keeps you going forward.  Now ask your heart what bridge it needs to continue in this transformational direction.

Once again, record your experience.  Finally, consider what you need to commit to carry out in your daily life to protect and sustain these great gains, and record your insights.

Be the Source of Your Own Magic

We create our own magic.  As we are aware and willing to connect to our own infinite spirits, so can we access and develop the strength and personal power to renew our integrity and best care for ourselves.

Alchemy is about discovering how to have sustainable faith in ourselves through effecting true transformation.  Consciousness lifts, awareness heightens, and we correspondingly become greater and freer to express our unleashed higher power. 

Great Recommended Read to Extend Your Growth

Note:  I highly recommend The Alchemist's Path: 50 Spiritual Exercises for Magickal Transformation by Cherry Gilchrist, a fairly new book that offers many key meditative exercises to further explore and develop your own unique and paowerful pathways to "turn your lead into gold".  Keep me posted on how it all goes!

In light, Marjorie