The Key to Solving All Life’s Problems

We Can Only Solve Problems Through Finding the Real Resources for Resolution

As we get older, it seems we become more and more challenged by life’ problems.  The challenges of making it in an unsteady world with longstanding and newly-developing relationship  dysfunction, compounded work requirements, and a sense of not being able to “keep one’s soul” are what I continue to hear in my practice are the tough factors that prevent inner healing and outer success.

A dear family friend I admire tremendously told me she had spent some extended time recently looking back at her whole life – the amazing miracles, the terrible losses, and the many complicated situations she never thought she could get through.  She said she thought a lot about how she was able to keep going and “be better”; and said,  “I always wanted to become better than I was, and that’s how I got where I am today – and survived.  I feel my life is so much better because of that, and that’s the main reason I survived and became the person I always wanted to become.”

Where Are the Real Limits in Our Power to Successfully Act?

There is a lot we can’t do to solve our problems, based on what I call the nature of reality here on the earth plane.  We can’t fix ourselves or anyone else.  We can’t know our own or anyone else’s futures.

We can’t count on things staying the same.  We can’t expect anyone else nor ourselves will live forever.

How to Engage Your Tremendous Will for Greater Good

I thought a lot about what my longstanding friend said, and I think a core desire to become better is the only reason people ever can heal, develop, survive, and keep their souls, when all is said and done.  It is the only way we can use ourselves in a wise enough way to solve life’s problems.

Our will is tremendous.  When and where it engages, it finds our real higher power to want to learn, seek real help and support, and become fully responsible.  These three factors allow us to break open our wounded, conditioned egos and free ourselves from stress, release the past, and create our best futures.  We become our higher, greater selves; and open a tremendous door toward acceptance and unconditional love from a place of free awareness.

We All Have A Sacred, Indestructible Center Within No Matter What

I continue to be asked to present workshops to people in the midst of major crises – veterans returning from active duty, cancer survivors, abuse victims who desperately need help.  I continue to offer what I believe are the most important ways to go deep enough within,when all seems threatening to crash down around outside, to open our sacred center, as I call it; and set it free to become our very best resource. 

And when I offer these tools, people thankfully let go from an surprisingly indestructible safe inner space that seems to magically reveal itself to them in many unique ways.  They tell me they have found the creative strength to go on, feeling better about themselves – and somehow, that is enough to get them to wherever their real unfolding resolution to their problems exists.  

Become Your Best Source of Survival and Fulfillment

The primary tools to accomplish this amazing feat are our breath, our imagination, our desire to express ourselves – and most importantly, our Will.  So ask yourself what you really want most in life, when  all is said and done, to know, accept and honor within yourself – and to rely on as your best source of survival and fulfillment.

This is your real and truly indestructible power to solve life’s problems.  As you work with these sources of greater spiritual strength, so will you become greater.  As that occurs your awareness and insight will sharpen, your creative potential and ability will extend; and correspondingly, the universe will seem to shift in better ways and offer you the gifts you so deserve.

Trust and Faith Within Becomes Reliance and Solution

What would it take for you to want above all else to become better?  This desire is the only way we really can open ourselves to learn without fear, and to be able to heal and become whole.

We are not our problems, but our problems are ours to own and work with.  Recovering trust and faith in ourselves frees us to open ourselves to the greater space of real potential and caring – where the answers exist.     


  1. I have to say that I loved reading this sentence, “As we get older, it seems we become more and more challenged by life’ problems”. Because no sooner do I solve one problem only to have many others come up. Like the Beatles song “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they’re here to stay”. However, I do know this one thing. That is, there is always hope.

  2. TypePad HTML Email

    Thanks for your powerful sharing, Kelli. I responded to your post –
    and also wanted to tell you that hope is the real “divine spark” to meet the
    challenge of whole recovery, versus hopelessness, which terribly fuels
    sacrificing the greater Self. The divine consciousness never supports that
    – and so when we hopeful, we move toward an awareness that we are not
    alone. Keep pitching . . . and I look forward to hearing from you – Love
    and light, Marjorie

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