How to Bring Yourself Back Up When You Feel Hugely Let Down

Can You Move Beyond Betrayal?

Do you feel knocked down when life lets you down?  Betrayal produces tremendous stress and loss of self-esteem, as well as a deep sense of hurt.

We are caught off guard when we are betrayed, and can even feel ashamed and powerless.  How can we bring ourselves back up and finally be able to move beyond betrayal?

Restore Your Right to freely Choose

Recovery starts with being willing to honestly and completely acknowledge what really occurred, and your feelings at being let down.  Journaling and taking time to be is necessary to begin to face completely what happened; and helps you be present, or able to function in reality, the only space you can access personal power and awareness to restore your right to choose.

This is where you also begin to recover and build inner strength, a necessity to then be able, in progressive stages, to learn to well and effectively deal with what has happened.  Looking to become who I call The Observer, the part of us that earnestly and eagerly seeks to know Who, What, Where, When, Why and How you were let down, breaks you out of feeling powerless through offering information and acknowledgment that are the essential keys to resolution.

Refuse to Use These Typical Coping Responses – They’re Deadly!

Here is what won’t help you, or work on any real level, as coping responses:

1.  Trying to escape what happened through self-destructive behaviors, including using hiding, avoidance, denial, drugs and alcohol, relationships, or workaholism

2.  Deciding you can fix what happened, or someone else or something else can “save” you

3.  Blaming yourself or anyone/anything else as your final “conclusion”

4.  Trying to force “the answer”

Use These Healing Responses Instead for Higher Resolution and Key Transformation

Here is what will make you feel better and be better, and well bring you to wherever the real resolution lies:

1.  Take good basic care of yourself, and be compassionate and accepting of your right to be angry

2.  Write down your feelings and vision of how you want to feel, be and live your life when the situation is finally resolved ; and see yourself truly moving beyond what happened

3.  Ask for help and accept what feels truly supportive for you

4.  Trust and believe that resolution, inner strength and faith in the future will return as quickly as possible, and bring greater insight, clarity and direction to move forward

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  1. Thank you this has been really helpful and could not have come at a better time in my life. I thank you for your honesty.

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