How to Get Through An Extraordinary Life Challenge

What If The Bottom Falls Out

What do you do when life is truly, hugely overwhelming and you really know, in your heart of hearts, you can't do anything that will make any kind of difference to well handle things?  What do you do when you experience several major crises at once and it looks pretty clear that unless some major miracles occur, there will not be "light at the end of the tunnel" for awhile?  What do you do when you feel even if there is some support, that you really have to deal with everything yourself, and that you are terribly worn down, scared and hurting; and it seems others take advantage of your precarious state, and compromise and damage you even more . . .  and that what perhaps has been precarious in your world for a long time is crashing down in slow motion all around you?  

Top Ten Tips to Deal with Extraordinary Life Challenges

1.  Face everything and anything you can in an objectively manageable time frame – talk about it with a caring and equally objective person, who has good common sense and even helpful information and sound advice to offer you; and write about it as factually as you can, answering who, what, where, when, why and how questions.
2.  Pray to your sense of the divine for strength, clarity of vision, higher guidance and HELP anywhere it can come, affirming you're open to receive it.
3.  Take the time necessary to determine what are the necessary priorities to focus on and list as simply as possible, and include a time requirement that is realistic.
4.  Stop during the duration doing anything that isn't necessary, and don't accept any new offers to do anything more!
5.  Take basic care of yourself re: moderate regular exercise, decent nutrition – especially fluids (we become subtly and not-so subtly dehydrated in times of extreme crises) – and basically adequate rest.
6.  Recognize you are in a precarious position and don't any more "push the envelope".
7.  Set realistic daily, weekly and monthly goals for yourself; and write them down in a separate notebook.    Ask your sense of the divine to strongly support your achieving these goals, affirming, as in #3, you'll accept help from anywhere it appears.
8.  Consider on the spiritual front that you are in the center of major healing challenges.  As soon as you can, schedule uninterrupted time for yourself to reflect and meditate on what these healing challenges might be. Journal about it, and refer back to your insights, viewing them as inner supports through this extraordinary time.
9.  Think with as much clarity as you can about your need for protection, and provide it for yourself on an ongoing basis.
10. Affirm, whether it seems to happen in big or little ways, what is positive or good in the day-to-day; and every day, spend at least a few minutes asking yourself how you feel and unconditionally listening to your inner answers, at least some of the time briefly noting what happens inside you. 

Profound change means you will be profoundly changed.  Ask your sense of the divine to change you in an inviolate center of healing and development, affirming, like your endless, easy breath, simply letting be (acknowledging what is present and real) and letting go (asking what does not work to fall away, accepting this fully). 

Blessings . . . Marjorie