A Most Powerful Self-Healing and Intuitive Development Tool for the New Year

Bridging from One Intense Year to A Call for Right Direction

Happy New Year!  The holidays seem to have whizzed by like a hurricane, albeit happily – a wonderful one.  They offered, beyond the presents and extended celebrations, groundbreaking family news about my oldest daughter expecting twins next summer, recovery on other fronts from acute illness for myself and my son, and the sad death of a colleague after a long, courageous battle with cancer. 

I managed to do a fair amount of end-of-year reflecting this season in the wake of all the intensity, and what struck me about what I felt I newly relearned in 2008 were the following key truths:

1.  Life demands we live it on its terms.

2.  It is full of hard choices.

3.  When we commit to making those hard choices, letting go of any expectation or agenda, we experience core healing and development that lifts us into our next highest level of consciousness – in other words, we centrally transform and evolve as human beings.

The Real Path of Necessary Change

2008 was a groundbreaking, intense, pivotal year of hard-earned hope, exploding consequences/crises from longstanding poor choices, and a profound reality check.  2009 feels correspondingly different, and a continuation of all that broke open this year, with challenging opportunities to forge a real path of necessary change to reflect caring and accepted responsibility.

My New Year’s gift to you is a five-minute journaling and guided meditation process I call NoteTaking© that I invite you to try for the next thirty days as a transformational opportunity to heal yourself, build personal power, and clear internal space to allow your soul to profoundly guide you to achieve your dreams.  All you need is the willingness to commit to five minutes a day of uninterrupted reflective time, paper – ideally a pad or journal to keep your notes together – and a pen.  Here are the five steps for you to complete, each lasting one minute:

Five Steps to Transformation

Step 1.  Settle back, close your eyes, and take a couple of deep, cleansing breaths.  Then ask yourself the following question:  How do I feel? 

Step 2.  Open your eyes and record one or more feeling words as your response(s) to this questions, like scared, excited, happy, peaceful, etc.

Step 3.  Now pick just one feeling to focus on, and return to a deeper meditative state by once more settling back, closing your eyes, and taking several more regular, cleansing breaths.  Imagine you can easily and fully go into this particular feeling, wherever it exists inside you.  Observe any bodily sensations that occur, and notice your thoughts and where they seem to take you as you continue to listen, observe, and hold your focus.  When you feel a sense of completion for now, slowly and easily return to full waking consciousness.

Step 4.  Now open your eyes, and record your experience.  Feel free to draw as well, using crayons or colored pencils, which will further open your intuition. 

Step 5. Read your notes, and record any additional insights which occur.

Three Results to Become Your Dreams

Congratulations!  You have just completed NoteTaking© and experienced the three key results that will transform your life:

1.  You’ve centrally communicated to yourself that you’re worth five uninterrupted minutes a day, which recovers and rebuilds self-esteem.

2.  You’ve opened your innate intuition and insight and allowed it to keenly communicate to you, trusting in your power to guide and befriend yourself which directly moves you to make right choices to manifest your dreams.

3.  You’ve listened unconditionally to yourself and fully accepted your feelings, which in turn allows your feelings to express and release themselves for core body-mind-healing, empowerment and spiritual development.   

Keep me posted at [email protected] on all your results, and have the 2009 you dream and are fully capable of!  Love, light and happiness – Marjorie