Embrace the Power of the Fire – a pre-holiday treat

Embrace the Power of the Fire Through the Path of the Phoenix:

A Pre-Holiday Celebration of Birth/Death/Rebirth for Healing, Transformation and Renewal

A Self-Healing and Development Workshop by Marjorie Baker Price, psychiatric nurse and founder of Centering for Empowerment, shaman healer, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master; and Rev. Nanci DeLeo, spiritual & bereavement counselor, meditation coach, Reiki Master

Monday, November 10, 2008 from 6:30-9:30pm, Carmen Clark Lodge

Brighton Town Park, 777 Westfall Road (near South Clinton Ave)

$50 includes all materials – registration begins at 6pm

(Centering audios and books for self-healing & development will be available)

It has been said that our earth walk is the path of the phoenix, who is meant to be born, destroyed utterly and completely, and somehow find its way to rise from its own ashes to be completely reborn. It is interesting to note that the eagle, who represents the shamanic totem that means spirit, can live up to 70 years only if, in its 40’s, it plucks out its beak, talons and feathers to grow them anew and soar, rebirthed to live for 30 more years.

In this tremendous time of peaking crises, intensity and challenge, we have the power, like the phoenix, to accept our soul’s call to embrace our deepest shadows in order to surrender our ego to its destined destruction, allowing the power of the fire to purify and form its own spiritual womb for rebirth and greatness. This is a year to stretch beyond faulty belief systems, woundedness and conditioned capability and truly soar like the eagle in a new universe, shaped by our own clarity and courage to commit and create in a whole new way.

Experience the path of transcendence and spiritual midwifery through ancient mythic tradition to reparent yourself, recover and free your inner light. Receive the gift of peace to awaken and unleash your spiritual power for transcendence through embracing your new emerging wisdom of conscious integration and holism.

To register by mail send check or money order payable to Marjorie Baker Price to PO Box 68015, Rochester, NY 14618; or phone/fax MC/Visa info to 585-244-6210 with complete contact information. Questions? Email [email protected] or call Marjorie at 585-244-6210; or call Nanci at 585-703-6695 or email [email protected].