A Moment

The Surprise of Opening

The world opened yesterday for, as Forrest Gump said, "no particular reason".  I was driving along in my glorious new car, which is the first car I’ve picked out just because I like it – not to haul kids around, not to carry babies, but because it made me smile and feel young again.  The skies were finally parting from days of rain and gray clouds to a clear, bright blue. 

I parted with them, beyond my gray, humdrum, errand-focused mind attachments to simply being present as I whizzed by . . . full-bodied geese all in a row, parents and little fuzzy goslings lined up at the rim of a manmade pond . . . bursting new leaves everywhere on lined trees, brilliantly green as they reached across the old Erie canal path . . . lilacs finally fading, ever-so-slowly, still extending their soft perfume through the cool air . . . the streaming sun lighting up the world . . . people’s radiant smiles as they strolled along narrow sidewalks, faces turned upward . . .

The Real Secret of Core Healing

It’s all so fast, these moments of our lives, and we miss the most ordinary miracles as we drag along  in the wake of our speeding days the conditioning of do, do, do, or the world will come to an end – and then we miss  . . . everything.  Through the gifts of meditating, journaling, and reflective listening we also recover our capacity to be simply, wholly present in a space of unconditional opening, that fully translates into the whole rhythm of loving and being, loving and being.  Then we flower.

When we can recover and allow that rhythm to unfold we can heal, return to center, let go, transcend, and finally own, as we realize ourselves to be spiritual beings of multidimensional consciousness, fully able to partner with reality.  We do know how to do this.  We were born knowing how to do this. 

Are You Willing to Rehabituate Yourself to Be Fully Present?

And yet we face a significant, core challenge in saying whatever corresponding course draws us to accept the spiritual journey to find our way, having decided to rehabituate ourselves to realign with our universe no matter what it takes.  It could require giving up faulty belief systems, releasing judgment and predetermination, and admitting that we really don’t know what the next moment will bring.The surprising truth is that’s okay, because we’ll either survive or we won’t – and we’ll know "when we get there". 

I felt myself heaving a great sigh of relief when I parted from fixation and separation from the present and simply returned to take my rightful place as a member of the real world.  This is a world of spirit come to life, and it is our birthright to exist in it.

We Have Everything We Need to Be Whole

Additionally, it is all we really have, and all we can ever offer to anyone.  Yes, it requires courage to shed the wounded ego wrappings that muffle, stuff, and separate us from our birthright.  What doesn’t, regarding healing and development?  What other real choice do we have to support these primary ends when faced with these challenges?  When are we not faced with challenges to heal and develop?

We are here to support each other, and to tell the truth about what we and the world we live in are capable of providing.  In these troubles, unstable times of great challenge, we are intensely moved and greatly capable to defining and exploring this new paradigm of being as the foundation of holism and multidimensional healing.  


  1. “We are here to support each other, and to tell the truth about what we and the world we live in are capable of providing.”

    thanks margie, this quote definitely resonated with me!

  2. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks very much for your feedback. I hoped it would have had that effect. 😉

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