“If I Am Not for Myself, Who Will Be for Me?”

“If Not Now, When?”

The great Talmudic Rabbi Hillel, martyred by the Romans, said these two pivotal sentences, which to me form a very keen foundation to awaken our consciousness enough to restore what I call spiritual self-esteem.  How do these two sentences strike you?

The inference here is about restoring self-respect.  The message is about the power of being present and acknowledging there is only the present moment in which we can commit to carry out a chosen action.

No Action = No Change

No amount of being told by anyone else about how much worth you have will essentially improve your innate sense of worth.  That power rests in your hands, always.

No amount of waiting, which truly weighs us down and distances us from being able to be fully present, can move you to restore self-esteem.  Moments pass, and when we don’t act, we don’t change – and nothing else changes in our world, either.

Choose to Be for Yourself

What does “being for yourself” mean?  I invite you to settle back, take a couple of deep, cleansing breaths, close your eyes, and imagine you can ask your heart to answer this question.

What happens?  What do you inwardly hear by way of response?

You Know How to Be Your Own Best Cheerleader

Take a few moments and then record your experience.  Then imagine how easily you can go back into your heart and ask it to further tell you what you can do today to be for yourself.

Can you dare consider hiring yourself to be your own cheerleader?  The truth of the matter is, as an innately whole human being, your intrinsic worth is invaluable and without qualification.

Accept Your Greater Spiritual Challenge

Accepting the spiritual challenge to be your greater self develops compassion, clarity, and courage – today’s three “c” words I offer you to well support greater corresponding change, and equally correspondingly invite the universe to offer you matching opportunities to create your soul’s dreams.

Now think of a problem you currently struggle to solve.  Focus for the next several minutes, returning to your deeper reflective state, on what courageous, compassionate, and clear choices you could make to respond to this problem.

Three Powerful Words to Transform Your Life

Once more record your impressions, using these three words to “fill in the blanks”:

In this situation I could . . .

. . . courageously ___________________________________________________________________________________

. . . compassionately _________________________________________________________________________________

. . . from a place of greater clarity ____________________________________________________________________

Transcend Fear and Limitation

Now that you have exercised your divine power to command yourself to transcend beyond fear and limitation and develop, express and test your innate worth through deliberately choosing to carry out in your daily life how you wish to respond, to re-esteem and recover your greater Self.  You have created a call to action in the present to transform your reality and better serve yourself, and the world you live in. 

Now is the time, understanding in this way you own and accept responsibility over your life.  You can move beyond playing endless varieties of powerless victim to become an empowered, evolving whole and aware spiritual being of multidimensional consciousness. 

If not now, when?????