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I offer counseling to individuals, partners, families, and other units.

Remember there’s always a no-pressure, free consultation to discuss your concerns, needs and goals and the following Centering Tools™ services:

I deploy or have deployed throughout my practice, a multitude of therapies and modalities to cater to individuals’ unique crises or mental/emotional needs. These may include (but not always include)

  • Reiki, Hypnosis, Deep Relaxation, Dream analysis, meditative therapies and guided and active imagery,, Shamanic Healing, Goddess Work, Spiritual Journaling, Jungian Archetypal Therapies

Clients that sign up for these sessions are always accommodated with audio renditions, if requested or useful!

  • Customized Hypnosis audios (digital) that are created and personalized for you and you alone. These may include audios of lectures, seminars, group or individual work, or other material.

Lectures, Seminars, Ongoing Groups and Workshops on all related topics including motivational, women’s spirituality, channeling, creative writing, team building, new leadership skills. spiritual parenting, alternative healing practices for health care professionals, dream analysis
Lifestyle Balancing, Professional and Business Development Coaching
One on One/Couples Counseling including regression, recovery and psychodynamic/insight-oriented therapies

counseling session prices are in effect as of November 2022. Please text or call me at 5852109827

Read about my counseling and training here. About Marjorie Baker Price

Individual $105.00 or standard 50 min. session

Couples (married, cohabitat, intimate, social or work-defined) session or standard 50 min. session

Family/small group sessions $120.00 for 50 min. session