Home Study System 2022 update (Copy)




Workbook and Audio Digital Edition

Home Study System includes: The Centering Tools™ Journaling and Guided Meditation Workbook and 6 CD’s to Heal Yourself and Create Your Best Future

If you don’t have a teacher the path of self-awareness can become difficult. That is why I have developed this Centering Tools Home Study System.

The content of the Centering Tools Workbook and Audios to Heal and Empower Yourself and Create Your Best Future comes from my twenty years of experience. It’s my best advice for creating a whole new you. I’ve faced numerous challenges over the last twenty years. Through my own self-enlightenment and studying the greatest self-help masters I created solutions to the most common challenges people face. I’d like to share those solutions with you. By learning simple techniques you can break free from the stress and negativity in your life. I have created a realistic step-by-step program to help you achieve things you only once imagined.


CDs: $72.97 // Digital: $54.97


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