Accept and Love Yourself





Are you afraid that no matter what you do, you will never fundamentally accept and love yourself without condition?

Do you sense that your core wounds that have never really healed from childhood keep you from becoming a whole person?

We cannot achieve our greatest dreams without knowing in the core of our being that we are perfectly worthy of love and acceptance.

Let me help you rekindle your sense of self-worth and confidence as I have with the thousands of clients Ive seen since 1987.

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About Marjorie

Marjorie is the founder of Centering® Tools for Self-Healing and Development, a unique integrated holistic self-help and empowerment healing practice located since 1987 in Rochester, New York.  She works with adults, children, organizations and groups presenting visualization, meditation,  hypnosis,  energetic  healing  and  creative  expressions practices  to  find  your  own  authentic  center within  and  consciously transform, according to your best visions, yourself and your life.  She has  authored  numerous  acclaimed  guided  meditation  and  hypnosis audios,  journaling  books  and  courses  for  personal  achievement  and spiritual development.

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