Phone Consultations and One-One Sessions

How to Book Centering Tools One-One (including Phone) Sessions

Free Initial 15 Minute Consult, How-to’s, and How to Prepare

I am frequently asked if I do phone sessions, along with person-person.   I do – is the simple answer – and here’s how it all evolved:

I never started out doing phone sessions. Actually I thought phone sessions would compromise what I seek to offer through the scope of my practice. Much to my surprise, when, several years into my work, a person I met at a workshop I presented on the West coast asked me if I did phone sessions, I was moved to say “Yes”, which is in keeping with everything about Centering Tools and its evolution through the primary direction of my inner voice.

I discovered that the inner and outer voices are the “centers” of Centering Tools, and that through the link of the telephone and the profound sharing and core connections that it offers through many unfolding dimensions, clients can easily and excellently do journaling, inner journeying and extended discussion/processing, along with all that I’m moved to facilitate. Skyping became a much more recent and exciting addition.

Initial consults of up to 15 minutes are always free for all my sessions. My current rate for one hour, always by the time and inclusive, in that they can include possible handouts (can be sent via email to clients that do phone sessions), and recording guided meditations/hypnosis exercises (small additional fee to mail), is $85. Different time is prorated, and for phone sessions people give me either MasterCard, Visa, debit card to process by the time of the session. I give them a phone number to call, or Skype info, and we’re all set.

Key Recommendations

I always recommend clients consider signing up for my free Centering Tools newsletter and review the many how-to empowerment, self-healing and holistic articles on this site to accelerate and extend the scope of our work. In addition, all of my Centering Tools audios, books, cards and courses are significant and helpful tools for ongoing resolution and development.

I am glad to hear from clients in between sessions for brief check-ins, questions, and further recommendations by email or phone. I am currently inclined, since offering the survey last winter to all Centering Tools For Self-Healing and Empowerment email newsletter subscribers, to additionally recommend completing the brief questions of the survey as the initial recommendation to key in to the central thrust of our work.

Questions for You to Consider

Here are the questions:

  1. What’s your biggest personal challenge or frustration right now?
  2. If you could wave a realistic magic wand, what personal change would you want in your life?
  3. What do you feel is currently missing in your life?

The Coaching Aspect

The focus of my work is on empowerment and all that it offers to support better coping, fundamental healing, transformation and a better life. Coaching offers key recommendations without getting in the way of each person’s capacity to experience and choose their own life journey, and has profound therapeutic value. We are not alone, and can bring a great deal of impact to each other.

Let me know how I can help and honor your capacity for greater wholeness and real resolution – Namaste, Marjorie

What can you expect from a free consultation?

First of all, I care about you, and I’m committed to your personal healing, freedom and growth.  I have helped thousands of people using a variety of tools that I have honed since 1984.

When you call, I will ask you to tell me what you would like to have happen in your life at this time.

I will listen very closely on therapeutic, analytical, and intuitive levels.

Through our dialogue, I can determine how Centering Sessions and/or Centering Tools will help you to start or continue on your own unfolding journey to happiness, healing and success.

What can you expect from a Centering Tools Session?

I work with many powerful tools and teach you how to use them, both in sessions and on your own.  Throughout the 15 years of my practice, I have continued to develop more and more creative ways to use these tools for healing and development.  I have every confidence that you can achieve spectacular results with the Centering Tools of your choice.  You can use the printable checklist below for reference.

These are the tools for transformation that I have used with great success:

  • deep relaxation and breath work for balancing and de-stressing
  • visualization, including active and guided imagery and medication
  • journaling and related creative writing practices designed to solve problems, freely express feelings, unlesh potential, and uncover life purpose
  • develop inuitive abilities
  • drawing as therapeutic/creative expression for healing and deepening insight

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for:

  • relaxation and stress release
  • healing from trauma
  • releasing fear and anxiety
  • healing phobias
  • breaking addictions
  • present and past life regression
  • achieving goals
  • improving motivation
  • relieving pain
  • opening doors to experiencing altered states of awareness
  • shamanic healing and journeying including: soul retrival, lucid dreaming, finding your guide
  • spiritual grief counseling for forgiveness and completion
  • exploration of mythic and archetypal connections for core spiritual healing
  • recovery therapies including inner child work

Self-healing techniques, including healing from codepency will produce the following transformational results:

  • connecting to your higher self
  • finding your spiritual center
  • conflict resolution

Intuitive and spiritual counseling tools include:

  • Tarot
  • I Ching
  • Runes
  • animal totems
  • all higher guidance including goddess energy (the “divine feminine”)
  • Reiki, therapeutic touch, and other forms of intuitive/energetic healing, both hands-on and telepathic

You may ask me any question you wish about my Centering Tools™ practice:

  • how I work
  • scheduling
  • fees

I look forward to working with you.  I am honored to be part of your chosen transformation.

Training Sessions

Centering Tools™ was created and established by Marjorie Baker Price, a psychiatric nurse clinician and certified hypnotherapist, in 1987 in Rochester, NY to offer a unique compendium of products and services to help organizations and individuals successfully adapt and achieve their determined potential in an increasingly challenged, changing world. Centering Tools™ presents the following training sessions:

  • coaching
  • readjustment counseling
  • team building
  • conflict resolution
  • lifestyle balancing
  • new leadership and motivational skills
  • integrated time management
  • burnout prevention
  • developing and implementing creativity and intuition for personal and professional success
  • stress management
  • integrated self-care practices
  • spiritual ethics for business success
  • complementary practices for health care professionals


Reiki is Centering

Reiki1If you haven’t experienced the healing magic of Reiki treatment, you are missing the amazing gifts of energetic healing, deep relaxation, clearing and centering.  Your every ailment and infirmity will respond with healing signals.

Through Reiki you will actively improve your health and well-being, enhance balance, reduce stress and unleash creative potential and intuitive insight.

  • Reiki is a skilled and powerful channeling of attuned life-force energy guided by your own body, mind and spirit according to your innermost healing calls and your deepest physical, psychological and spiritual needs.
  • Reiki is the underlying force of all healing, able to energize and enhance any medical treatment or healing work you are currently engaged in or may be inspired to pursue.
  • Reiki is a gentle, natural healing method that can never do harm, only good.

When I began offering Reiki in the Fall of 2000, clients asked, “What about centering?” My answer is that Reiki is centering, in every sense. I frequently recommend Reiki as a healing method in Centering Tools sessions.

 I have performed very focused energetic healing including therapeutic touch and intuitive practice since 1987. I have been a practicing Reiki Master for about 2 years. During that time, Reiki has augmented my holistic nursing practice. Since becoming certified in the Usui school, Reiki has become one of my most requested classes. I find that it is a wonderfully intense, yet very gentle, spiritual healing art.

In fact, energetic healing techniques including Reiki, are part of virtually every workshop I teach. While Reiki is a precise and dedicated study over months for certification, there are many energy healing practices that anyone can learn in a single day.  In addition to Reiki training classes, I teach a number of one-day and weekend workshops throughout the years.

 You can learn more about the history and value of Reiki by visiting these excellent web sites:

If you have ANY questions about any of the above services, do not hesitate to contact me!